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                                                         FEATURE FILM COMPETITION

Film title


Pr year

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Existance 84'

New Zealand



mpeg4, H264

Hatred 82'





Helpless 117'





Nice to meet you 95'





Night of silence 92





Passion 97'




35 mm

Ranjana I ain't coming back





Sea Shadow 98"





Shackled - Posas 97'





Song of silence 1h55'





Talgat 84'





Telegram 88'





Blood letter 100'









35mm, 2012

Script: Heiward MAK

Director: Heiward MAK

Cinematographer: YIPSiu-ki

Music composer: Eman Lam/ Veronica Lee

Art designer: Cheung Siu Hong

Cast: Joey Yung; Mag LAM; HU Ge



When an accident temporarily robs her of her voice, Diva K fl ees to a small deserted village to heal both hẻ mental and phhysical wounds. Her life changes when she meets and falls in love with the blind Hu Minh, who inspires her to make a comeback. But, in her absence for J’s crown. Yet, their successes have come at a high price. J is secretly pining for a forbidden love that seems destined to wither, and R has found that the road to stardom is littered with estranged friends and painful break up. But in the midst of this, both divas rise to fi nd their own voice.

Director Heiward MAK

Born in Hong Kong in 1984 and graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a diploma in Design in 2003, Mak worked as a graphic designer. Her fi rst short fi lm, also her thesis fi lm He / She won the Open Division Gold Prize in the 12th IFVA in 2006, Best Young Director, International Division in the 9th German Hanneway International Film Festival in 2007 and was entered into the 14th Festival of Women’s Films in Taiwan in 2007. In 2006, she was pre-production assistant director and script writer for the fi lm Men Suddenly in Black 2. In the same year, Mak graduated from the Academy of Creative Media at City University. In 2008, Mak directed her fi rst feature fi lm High Noon, the Hong Kong story in the Winds of September series of fi lms. In 2010, Mak was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay in Golden Horse Awards with her second feature Ex and the winner of Best Screenplay in Hong Kong Film Awards with Love in a Puff.


2010 Ex (director and writer). 2010 Love in a Puff (writer). 2008 High Noon (director). 2006 Men Suddenly in Black (writer).



84 mins, 2012


Production Designer - Philip Thomas

2nd DOP - Aline Tran

Script: Juliet Bergh and Jessica; Charlton

Director: Juliet Bergh

Producers: Mhairead Connor and; Mellissa Dodds

Cinematographer: Jessica Charlton

Editor: Simon Price

Cast: Loren Taylor, Peter McCauley, Gareth Reeves


An immense electric fence powered by wind turbines keeps the family shut off from the world beyond. Enigmatic Boundary Riders guard the fence and prevent crossings. Freya believes her only hope for freedom lies with a Boundary Rider who also yearns for something he cannot have. Determined to cross the Fence she seduces the Rider, the consequences are disastrous for her family. When she fi nally sees the other side she discovers that the reality of her existence was not what she imagined.

Directors Juliet Bergh

Juliet Bergh is a registered Medical Doctor and works as a genral practicioner. Existence is her directing debut, and was made through the NZ Film Commissions ‘Escalator’ scheme, aimed at releasing super-low-budget features into the marketplace. Existence is the fi lm is the fi rst film to come from the program.



Phuong Nam Films Company, Ltd, 100 mins , 35mm , 2011

Script: Hong Phuc, Doan Nhat Nam, Victor Vu

Director: Victor Vu

Martial arts director: Johnny Tri Nguyen

Visual Director: Nguyen K’Linh

Cinemaphotographer: Nguyen Ngoc Cuong, Vu Trung Hieu

Cast: Huynh Dong, Nguyen My Dung, Van Trang, Khuong Ngoc, Kim Hien,

Minh Thuận


Nguyen Vu , 5 - year - old grandson of Nguyen Trai, was brought to far away to avoid the danger of being killed by the people of Tuyen Tu Queen. More than 12 years later, Nguyen Vu was brought up to be a mature, handsome man, profi cient in martial arts and began the journey to fi nd the truth, demand justice for his clan.

Director Victor Vu

Born and raised in Southern California, Victor Vu studied fi lm at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where he received his BA. For his thesis project, he wrote, produced and directed the Award-Winning short film FIRECRACKER.”

First Morning” - The Best Feature Film Award at the San Diego Asian Film Festival. “Spirits”; “Passort to love” , a Vietnam/U.S. co-production - Vietnam’s Golden Kite Award for Audience Choice and Best Supporting Actress. “Battle of the Brides”. Blood Letter; “Scandal” 



Color, HD, Dolby SR, 84 minutes, 2012

Director & Script: Reza Dormishian

Cinematographer:  Touraj Aslani

Editor: Hayedeh Safi yari

Sound  Mixing and Synchronizing: Mohammad Reza Delpak

Sound Recordist: Nezamoddin Kiaie

Sound Editor: Reza Narimizadeh

Makeup Designer: Mehrdad Mirkiani

Production Designer: Keyvan Moghaddam

Cast: Baran Kosari, Babak Hamdain, Mehran Ahmadi



Zhaleh and Hamed are two youngsters from the third generation of Iranian immigrants who have settled down in another country against their will. Their families who fi nd Iran’s living conditions unsuitable, take refuge in Turkey in order to have a peaceful life. “Hatred” includes two parallel stories from two periods of Zhaleh and Hamed’s lives. The fi rst one is the story of the good days when they meet each other. The second one is the story of the 8 crucial hours when they commit a robbery so they could use the money to start a happy life somewhere else. However, they are led to another direction.

Director Reza Dormishian

Born in 1981 in Tehran, Reza Dormishian has studied English Language and then he was involved in fi lm journalism. He was an assistant to some prestigious Iranian fi lmmakers like Dariush Mehrjui and Alireza Davoudnejad and he’s also been credited as a scriptwriter for some fi lms and TV productions. Reza Dormishian started making short fi lms since 2002 and Hatred is his fi rst feature fi lm, fully produced independently in Istanbul.



DCP, 117 mins, 2012

Director: Byun Young-joo


Music: Kim Hong- Jip

Sound supervisor: Kim Suk- Won

Production designer: Lee In-Ok

Edited by: Park Gok-Ji

Cinematographer: Kim Dong – Young

Executive producer: Jay Gil  Katharine Kim

Associate producer: Lee Sang – Youn

Co-produced: Oh Ki-Min

(All she was worth) base upon the novel “Kasha” bay Miyabe Miyuki

Screenplay adaptation: Byun Young - Joo



In the blink of an eye, my fiancée vanished.

Mun-ho (Lee Sun-kyun) and Seon-yeong (Kim Min-hee), a couple engaged to be married pulls over at a rest stop on their way to the parents.’ When Mun-ho returns to the car with coffee, he finds the car door flung open in pouring rain and the engine still running - his fiancée is nowhere to be found. Her cell phone is switched off. All that’s left behind is her hair clip on the floor of the restroom.

She is not who I knew her to be.

In a desperate attempt to find his missing fiancée, Mun-ho rushes back to her apartment only to discover that it has been cleared out and the companies she worked for in the past don’t exist. As he goes deeper into the search, he finds that his fiancée is not the person he knew to be.

Who was this person that I fell in love with?

Mun-ho resorts to his cousin and former detective, Jong-geun (Cho Seong-ha) for help. As they track her trail and collect clues of her true identity, the pieces of the puzzle bring confusion and horror.


Director bioraphy:

After studying Law in Ehwa Women’s University, Byun went to Chung-Ang University to study film. As a founding member of women’s film collective, Bariteo, she actively got involved in making numerous pieces. Later, she founded a film group called Boim Pictures Co.Ltd and made a documentary about Korean women forced into sexual slavery for the soldiers of the Japanese empire during World War II, often referred to as 'comfort women.' The film, The Murmuring, was the first documentary to receive a theatre release in South Korea. She went on to make a follow-up of the documentary in 1997 and 1999, titled Habitual Sadness and My Own Breathing, respectively. Byun’s first fictional feature, Ardor, based on best-selling novelist Jeon Gyeong-lin’s Illicit Affair was released in 2002. 2 years later, she put out a teenage coming of age romance Flying Boys. She took part in HD omnibus project Ten Ten, designed as part of the 10year anniversary celebration of International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul. She was one of six directors who took part in this project along with Ulrike Ottinger, Helen Lee, Lim Seong-min, Jang Hee-seon and Lee Soo-yeon.

Byun’s comeback film after 8 year’s gap will prove to be her finest work to date.


Director filmography:



Leading actor

“Mun-ho” | Lee Sun-kyun




H264, 93 minutes , 2011

Script: Akihito Kikuchi, Takamasa Oe

Director: Takamasa Oe

Director of photography: Daisuke Miura

Music composer: Rei Ishizuka

Art designer: Yukari Yorikawa

Cast: Haruka Uchimura; Yuji; Hiromi Shimju; Kazumi.


This is a story of a fatherless family who has lost conversations. They start communicating by reading each other’s diaries.

Director Takamasa Ooe

He was born in Osaka in 1981. He studied at Kinki University. When he was 20, he transferred Department of Economics to Department of Arts and began theatrical arts. While studying at the university, he learned Lecoq System from the professor Yasu Ohashi. In 2003, he established a theatrical troupe called ‘Former Theatrical Troupe Sky Fish’with approaches of ‘doubting the existing theaters’. In 2007, he joined an independent fi lmmaking group called ‘Cheese Film’and started making films. He directed ‘Beautiful Method’in 2009 and ‘Nice to Meet You’ in 2011. He is evaluated especially on his directing ability of actor’s performance and composing a story in Japan.


Beautiful Method’(His fi rst directing fi lm/2009/92mins) - won The CINEDRIVE Award For Best Director in 2010; ‘Nice to Meet You’ (2011/95mins) - won the Grand Prize at CO2 The 7th Film Exhibition in Osaka in 2011




91 minutes, 2012

Script: Reis Celik

Director: Reis Celik

Cinematographer: Gokhan Tiryaki

Art designer: Burcu Karakas

Cast: Ilyas Salman; Dilan Aksut


About 60 year old groom who spent his years in prison and therefore seems to be a little late for marrying. Actually this wedding is held to stop the blood feud between the two big clans. The bride whose face is hidden by the red veil starts to wait for the groom with her inner fears. The noises fade out while the door is closed. The bride and the groom are alone in the room now. The groom gives his presents to the bride whose legs are too short to reach the fl oor and reveals her face. The face under the veil is the face of a 14-year old girl.

Director Reis Celik:

Reis Çelik was born in Ardahan, east Anatolia, in 1961. He moved to Istanbul after junior high school and studied music and theatre at the State Conservatoire. In 1996 he directed his debut feature, ‘Işıklar Sönmesin’ (‘Let There Be Light’), a humanitarian take on the Kurdish problem in south-east Turkey which won several awards on the international festival circuit. He followed this with another feature ‘Hoşçakal Yarın’ (‘Goodbye Tomorrow’) in 1998, which focuses on a key fi gure of the Turkish students’ movement executed in the early 1970s. He made his third fi lm ‘İnat Hikayeleri’ (‘Tales of Intransigence’), a creative documentary, in 2004. Mülteci (Refgee) 2008 – Lal Gece (Night Of Silent) 2011-2012



First feature fi lm JSC,

97 mins, 35mm, 2012

Script: Nguyen Manh Tuan

Director: Phi Tien Son

D.O.P: Ly Thai Dzung

Art Design: Nguyen Hieu Trung

Harmony: Frank Desmoulin

Music: Bao Chan

Cast: Trung Dung, Truong Chi Truc Diem, Kim Khanh, Hua Vi Van, Quy Binh.


Through the events that happen in a family in which each member has their own passions andfi nd every ways to achieve the passion, the fi lm is the Testimony of the author to viewer about a conception of life. Passion is necessary because it is the source of force for every human being to grow and try to achieve their ambitions. However, not all things are legitimate passion and have support of life. The vile passions ought to be condemned. Tragedy to those who pursue that passion is inevitable.

Director - The Eminent Artist Phi Tien Son was born in 1954

Graduated from Cinematography Faculty in Postdam University of Cinematography and television.

Main works:

Tear of Ha Long, co-director, Prize B of Vietnam cinema Association; Heading South, Coming North; Heaven’s net - Golden kite Award of Vietnam cinema Association - 2002. 



DCP, 97 mins, 2012

Script: Zig Dulay

Director: Lawrence Fajardo;

DOP : Louie Quirino;

Editor: Lawrence Fajardo; Musical Scorer-Joseph Lansang

Sound Designer: Addis Tabong and Wildsound Ami;

Asst. Director: Zig Dulay

Cast: Nico Antonio , Bangs Garcia, John “Sweet” Lapus, Art Acuña, Nor Domingo, Jake Macapagal, Wendy Valdez, Susan Africa


Jestoni “Jess” Biag, early 20s, is a notorious snatcher victimizing people in bustling streets around Quiapo Church. As a routine, he steals wallets, gadgets and jewelries, which he will trade for a meager amount of peso---enough for him to survive and to support his family. Today, Jess will be captured by the police for snatching a cellphone of a call center agent, Ma. Grace Rosuello (Bangs Garcia). It’s his fi rst time to undergo investigation. And as he goes in the  process from Barangay Hall Clinic, Police Station to the Fiscal’s Offi ce, we will witness how human rights violation bluntly executes, and how culture of corruption deviously perpetuates in this chain of institutions. In the end, despite the fact of proving Jess as guilty of committing theft, he will still get his freedom. But this freedom shackled him to a cycle upholding the predicament of his life.

Director Lawrence Fajardo studied fi lm and theater in University of St. La Salle Bacolod and through internships with Peque Gallaga, Lore Reyes and Erik Matti.


2005: “Kultado” – short fi lm : Special Jury Prize in Cinemalaya 2005, Best Short Film Award at the Gawad Urian in 2006. 2007, “Liwanag sa Dilim” - short fi lm, was a fi nalist in Cinemalaya Short Film Cateogry and was chosen to be shown at the Cinema Damare in Sicily, Italy. 2011: “Amok”, Best Editing and Best Sound Prize of Cinemalaya 2011; Best Editing and Best Sound Prize at Edinburgh International Film Festival and Detective Fest 2012 in Moscow, Russia. Locally, the fi lm got 11 Gawad Urian nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director. He is currecntly busy with TV directing and other editing projects as well as facilitating the Film Production workshop in Bacolod every summer.



130 mins, 2011

Script: Anjan Dutt

Director: Anjan Dutt

Producer: R Srkar

Cinematographer: Supriyo Dutta

Editor: Arghyakamal Mitra

Cast: ANjann Dutt, Kabir Suman, Kanchan Mullick


A story of an ageing pop stars quest for redemption. Abani Sen is an alcohilic debauch who has lost his will to live since drove his pregnant wife to death in an accident. Juxtaposed againgst his debauchery is Ranjana, a talented young singer who is trying to fi nd fame in Kolkata. Will he be able to resitst his temtation to ruin her innocence? Will she be able to accept help from somebody like him?

Directors Anjan Dutt

Anjan Dutt is the founding father of the modern Bengali music scene, auteur director of films that have always kept away from the madding crowds, he is a fi lmmaker who has always taken inspiration fron the margins of Kolkata’s society. He started his career as an actor after a succesful stint as a musicain, and is the maker of The Bong Connection, which leterally originated the crossover genre in Bengali cinema.



35mm, Format-DCP or DCI, colour

98 mins, 2011

Script: Mohammed Hassan Ahmed

Director: Nawaf Al-Janahi

Cinematographer: Paulo Ares

Production designer: Martin Sullivan

Editor: Tony Ruthnam Raul Skopecz

Music: Ibrahim Al- Amiri

Cast: Al Mulla; Neven Madi; Abrar Al Hamad; Khadeeja Al Taie; Aisha Abdul Rahman; Ahmad Iraj


Set in a small seaside neighborhood in the United Arab Emirates, Sea Shadow follows teenagers Mansour and Kaltham as they struggle with tradition and convention in their journey towards adulthood. Bound by family and deeply-rooted values, the pair must fi nd the courage to forge their own paths.

Director Nawaf Al-Janahi

Nawaf Al-Janahi is an award-winning, Abu Dhabi based director and actor who is the moving force behind several acclaimed short and feature length fi lms. He was born in 1977 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and studied Cinema and the Arts in the USA. Al-Janahi’s feature directorial debut, The Circle (2009), was the fi rst feature narrative production by the MBC group and was shot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Circle was described as “a major turning point in Emirati and Gulf cinema.” Al-Janahi’s latest feature, Sea Shadow, is the fi rst Emirati project developed, fi nanced and produced by Image Nation Abu Dhabi. The fi lm received its world premiere at the 2011 Abu Dhabi International Film Festival



115 mins, 2012

Script: Chen Zhuo, Chen Haoyang, Zeng Peilin

Director: Chen Zhuo

Producer: Liu Gang

Cimeatographer: Shi Yue

Editor: Chen Zhuo


Jing is a young girl living with her grandparents in a rural Chinese town, isolated by not only by geography but by the deafness she has suffered from birth. After a scandal involving her uncle she is forced to move back in with the father she despises, and his young pregnant mistress. The two young girls form an unlikely bond, and the time that the unconventinal family spends in the house together will change them all forever.

Director Chen Zhuo

Chen Zhuo Born on 16 July 1978 in Changsha, Hunan Province. He studied fi ne art with his father in his childhood. After he graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor degree in Architecture in 2003, he changed his major into digital video for his masters degree and then joined the faculty. Chen Zhuo has long been committed to the production of contemporary arts, including animation, photography, experimental video etc. His works have been displayed and awarded in a number of arts exhibitions both at China and abroad. In 2010, he established Beijing Tiger Entertainment & Media CO.,LTD with friends and set to prepare for the shooting of his fi rst feature fi lm Song of Silence (Yang Mei Zhou). After more than one year’s preparation, the fi lm started shooting in June 2011 in Xiangtan of Hunan. Chen Zhuo not only created the basic framework of the script, but also independently completed the movie edit and special effects in the post-production.



84 mins, 2012

Director: Zhanna Issabayeva

Producers: Ilya Bisserov, Zhanna Issabayeva

D.O.P: Oscar Bakhteyev

Editor: Azamat Altybassov

Cast: Zhanibek Dinamzhan, Madina Sagdoldina, Kulushmek Kasimbekov


The main heroes of the fi lm are a 11- year-old boy, Talgat, and his 6-year-old sister, Gulya. They live in abject poverty with their parents and a mentally ill uncle in the slums of Almaty. Their parents are heavy drinkers. Their uncle, though 30 years old, behaves like a fi ve-year-old boy. Talgat feels responsible for Gulya, uncle and himself. These three are like beautiful fl owers destined to grow up on the “trash-heap of life.”

Director Zhanna Issabayeva

Zhanna Issabayeva was born in 1968 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She graduated from the journalism faculty of Kazakh States University in 1991. She has successfully worked as a producer and director since 1993. Executive producer of full-length feature fi lms: Last Holidays (1996) and Zhylama (2001). In 2007 debuted with the full-length feature fi lm Karoy as a scriptwriter, production director, producer and investor. Karoy took part in the Venice Film Festival, “Critics Week”. Nominatеd for Best Asian Director 2007 at the Asia Pacifi c Screen Awards. Best Cameraman Prize of International Film Festival Khanty-Mansisk, Russia. In 2009 fi nished the lyrical comedy My Dear Children... as scriptwriter and production director. Special Prize of Jury and Press Award at the “Kinoshok” International Film Festival, Russia. In 2011 she fi nished the feature length fi lm Losing Innocence in Alma-Ata



87 mins , 2012

Script: Iskandar Usmonov and Bakhtioyr Karimov

Director: Iskandar Usmonov

Producer: Iskandar Usmonov

D.O.P: Zikriyo Israilov

Editior: Alisher Primkulov

Cast: Alisher Soliev, Gavhar Tajibaeva, Zulfi ya Rajabova


Based of stories by Iskandar Usmonov “A spot” and “The Telegram”. The fi lm tells about human loneliness. At times, overcoming obstacles and destructing something, we build a comfortable world for ourselves. Later, after some time we realize that we are alone in the world that we have built. But there is no way back, and losing a beloved person, we lose the whole world. “Never receive such telegrams!”

Directors Iskandar Usmonov

Iskandar Usmonov was born in North of Tajikistan in 1971. He is graduated Tajik State University, Russian philology faculty, and department of journalism. Telgram is his fourth film.

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