Haniff - 2021
In the evening of October 31st, the closing and awards ceremony of the 5th Hanoi International Film Festival was held at the Vietnam-Soviet Friendship Cultural Palace, officially closing five days of exciting and effective activities. With the theme: Letters from Hanoi, the closing and awards...
Vườn hoa tượng đài Lý Thái Tổ: Ngày đầu tuần vẫn “náo nhiệt và nóng” như ngày nghỉ Flower garden at King Ly Thai To statue: Monday is still "uproarious and hot" as holidays
"Uproarious", "evenful" and "hot" are the phrases used to depict the atmosphere in the garden of the statue of King Ly Thai To - the venue for the second outdoor movie screening in the framework of...
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Bí quyết thành công của điện ảnh Iran    The secret of success in Iranian cinema
No hot scenes, no violence, no alcohol and strict censorship, but Iranian cinema has achieved great success at many international film festivals. What has made that magic? A seminar on Iranian...
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Người Việt say mê điện ảnh nước nhà trong Liên hoan Phim Quốc tế lần thứ V Vietnamese love Vietnamese films at the 5th International Film Festival
On the second day of the 5th Hanoi International Film Festival, the audience has the opportunity to enjoy many excellent Vietnamese movies.
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Chiếu phim ngoài trời: Nóng bừng trời thu Hà Nội Outdoor Film Screening: Warming the autumn weather in Hanoi
The Tailor is the only Vietnamese film to be screened on the opening night of October 28th of the Outdoor Film Screening in 3 nights October 28th,29th,30th in the framework of the 5th Hanoi...
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Những ấn tượng nổi bật qua Hội thảo quốc tế “Tiêu điểm điện ảnh Ba Lan” STRIKING IMPRESSION THROUGH INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP "COUNTRY IN FOCUS: POLISH CINEMA"
Within the framework of the 5th Hanoi International Film Festival, the International Workshop themed "Country in focus: Polish Cinema" took place at Deawoo Hotel from 09h00 to 12h00 on October...
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Mui Ne beach - The rise of a sleeping beauty